The Prophecy Cards

These cards were purposely made to look into               the future and to provide the information                          needed to create understanding and direction

They produce the information required to provide insights along with generating the guidance                 necessary through enabling us to have a small               glimpse, a snippet into what sits ahead                         if a particular path is taken

They are about providing information but without    giving too much detail away as they are not about influencing and controlling a person's journey                 through telling us what to do but instead                            they are about helping to create informed choice through the acquisition of knowledge

These cards are the only deck that has a layout                    and this layout is designed to help assist with             looking ahead into the future simply and easily

As with all the cards, once comfortable with them,             the layout is open to alteration and if it is felt                  there is something more that needs to be known             then you are free to either change any of the labels              or just as simply, create a new placement

The choice is yours to make as the layout                            is intended as a guide

The cards also have another use and that is, they designed as a tool of divination

They can be used to give readings by themselves                    or as a tool to add extra detail, direction and or                to provide and give scope to picture cards. 

These cards hold nothing back and will reflect all aspects of life, and will keep it real. 

These cards are simple, to the point, direct and will confirm what is known or will provide alternatives,  but mostly they will help show the way forward
Each deck of the  Prophecy Cards contain 160 hand tailored cards and comes with their own personal guidebook to assist you in the use of the cards.

The Guidebook has easy to follow user tips and
helpful hints on how to get the best from
the cards and how they work

Please note...
The example reading has uses 7 of the 160 cards and
is designed as a tool to show how the cards work
Prophecy Cards
with a
Drawstring Bag
The Outcome
What to do Now
What needs to be done
Path ahead / Future
If desired, extra information can be added