The Guidance Cards

These cards quite simply do what the name suggests, they are about providing guidance

They are about creating understanding                                as to how it is with direction

They first show that there is an understanding                     as to what is happening along with connecting                         to the user by reflecting what is being felt                            just to prove they know how it is. 

Then they move on to providing the information needed to create a positive outcome by                        either giving direction, revealing the outcome                   or helping to provide and or                                               find the answers that are needed.                     

They are about confidence building and                        the creation of self-belief,                                                 taking back control and trust.

They hold advice, insights and knowledge along            with the understanding that says 

'You are not alone and  you and your                        needs are understood'                                                   

Along with showing there is a grasp of the              situation and will show how it truly is

The cards are lengthy in their responses                         and yet they still hold simplicity.                                      

They are to the point along with being easy                                   to understand               

But most of all, they hold the knowledge that is required to help deal with life in the now                         and will help you look towards the future with confidence and release what is holding you back.
Guidance Cards
with a
Drawstring Bag
Each deck of the Guidance Cards contain 92 hand tailored cards and comes with their own personal guidebook to assist you in the use of the cards.

The Guidebook has easy to follow user tips and
helpful hints on how to get the best from

Please note...
The example reading has uses 3 of the 92 cards and
is designed as a tool to show how the cards work
Please Note...
Not all information on
the cards have been added
due to size restrictions
of the card displayed