Empowerment Cards
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Drawstring Bag
The Empowerment Cards

These cards are designed to look at who we are,                why we think and react as we do                                    along with how and why we see life as we do

They are about helping us to understand why we doubt, why we embrace the negative over the               positive, why we react as we do and                               they are about understanding who we are

They were designed to help change this                 perception and transform it into something                      that is positive and constructive.

They are designed to make us think, to discover              our true self and to help unlock what it is we feel,              why we feel it and what prevents us from taking                    life on with confidence and trust. 

All this is about transforming the way we think so we can embrace life as a whole and get the best from it

Self-confidence and self-belief holds to keys to   gaining successful outcomes along with knowing the person within and the needs that come attached.

Understanding helps with finding answers and   through this comes direction.

These cards are a tool that assists with finding our     own answers and understanding so that we can                begin to create inner change and alter the                   way life is lived, the way we see our life                            and to help to change our thought patterns

The cards are straight forward, to the point,                     easy to understand and are designed as                             a confidence building tool that creates options,    insights and will offer an alternative path forward

To alter our view then creates opportunities and                   helps to reachour true potential
Each deck of the Empowerment Cards contain 128             hand tailored cards and comes with their own personal guidebook to assist you in the use of the cards.

The Guidebook has easy to follow user tips and
helpful hints on how to get the best from
the cards and how they work

Please note...
The example reading has uses 20 of the 128 cards and
is designed as a tool to show how the cards work