The Counsel Cards

These cards are designed to provide direction, knowledge, information and to help with                  acquiring the answers that are needed.

The cards will help to weigh up how it is                          so the best way forward and course of                       action can be found along with the                      decisions that need to be made can be made                                   with confidence and a positive attitude.

By understanding what is best for you displays              the right way forward  create a life that                   holds inspiration, fulfillment and happiness. 

Their purpose is to display different aspects          and options through in depth information                       that reflects what is happening and why                                    so that solutions and direction                                          can be found along with understanding

The cards are very lengthy with their response                     and tend to sum up what is happening                               with advice though displaying their                         understanding as to what is happening and why.       

They weigh up the situation and then help                         to find a solution along with providing                         direction and alternatives and choice

The cards hold a lot of information and                                are almost a epic story within themselves                              

They still hold simplicity while getting directly                             to the point, while they are easy to understand but most of all,they hold the knowledge that is               requiredto help create the path forward
Counsel Cards
with a
Drawstring Bag
Each deck of the Counsel Cards contain 100 hand tailored cards and comes with their own personal guidebook to assist you in the use of the cards.

The Guidebook has easy to follow user tips and
helpful hints on how to get the best from
the cards and how they work

Please note...
The example has used 3 of the 100 cards and
is designed as a tool to show how the cards work
Please Note...
Not all information on
the cards have been added
due to size restrictions
of the card displayed