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They are hand tailored decks of cards with Celtic symbols on the back, no pictures, just words.  Pure and simple. They are a direct line to the spiritual realm that enables spirits to contact us and provide us with their knowledge to help us, we as humans to ascend to a high level of consciousness so we can connect with the source of all knowledge.

The reason behind the cards creation was simply, to connect with our Guides, to gain their knowledge and insights, to have the truth, so that understanding can be gained and the right course of action could be taken.  They are about giving those in Spirit a voice so they could have a say on what was happening through providing their guidance, their wisdom, direction and information to create informed choice

The cards also achieved another purpose and that was to help us walk the path to ascension. They are designed to connect us with our purpose, to find out who we are, to remove doubt and replace it with positiveness and confidence, to help us reconnect with spirit and to be the person we want to be, to learn how to trust, to have faith and manifest all we need in life.

Ascension is about lifting our vibration to a higher level, bringing our higher and lower selves together as one while connecting them directly through the expansion of awareness to the source of all knowledge with understanding and awareness. 

It is about awakening who we truly are, reconnecting us to everything on all levels along with the spiritual dimensions to bring us together on all levels while attuning our vibration where we can become as one. This evolution happens on all levels, the spiritual, the physical and the mental, and as this process progresses further forward, it then begins to impact on our entire being, expanding our consciousness, changing how we interact with the world and view it as a whole to a level of complete understanding that exists only through acquiring total awareness.

The key to the cards are that they are interactive and all you need to do is either talk to them or think of the subject and they will respond to your needs.  It is as simple as that. 

The expression of emotions and feelings helps those in Spirit to better understand what is needed as emotions get quickly to the heart of the matter voicing all that is felt, thus enabling Spirit to understand which card to put in the user's hand.  By talking to the cards, it helps the user to better understand the situation though self counsel and assists with creating direction.

It is because they come from Spirit, they are connected to Spirit and it is Spirit who knows how to get the right card and the right message into our hand. Because the cards are the bridge that connects us and Spirit, they hold the ability to break through the barriers that divide us to get the right card in our hand so the message can be given directly to us.

They even like to enter into a conversation or show that they have heard what has been said to confirm they are connecting with us.

There have been many different Spirits and entities over the years that have been involved with the cards construction.   Entities such as The Brethren, Angels, The Guides, The Guardians, The Souls of Destiny, The Faeries, Passed over Souls just to name a few have contributed their knowledge.

The cards are essentially here to fill in the gaps, whether that is to provide confirmation, to help create direction, to provide guidance, insight, information, options, and then offer a path through the creation of choice, and then once the relevant information is given, the choice is left up to us as to what we feel is the right course of action to take and how it is done.

The cards talk directly, are to the point, tell it how it is, keep it simple, are truthful and are easy to understand along with providing what is needed. They are here to help steer us in the right direction, to replace doubt with trust and the confidence to create our future life.

No, as the cards are about the past as well as the future. They help to deal with aspects of life that needs to be dealt with in a positive manner.  If there are unresolved issues, especially if a past issue is holding you back or preventing the future from being fully obtained, then that is what will be brought to the fore. If there is something that is preventing you from embracing and creating a future life, then they will attend to that matter also.

They also have this little ability, they are able to look into the near future. They only do this if there is something that needs to be relayed that will effect what will be. At times it's about creating thought and preparation so that when that 'something' does happen, the knowledge already exists to help create a smoother transition with the appropriate response.

Simply put, Yes.  That is their purpose.  They are here so anyone can access spirit and the knowledge for themselves when and where it is needed.  Spirit can always hear us, it's just that we don't always hear them or see the message or the signs.  These cards are here to help close that gap and to allow us all the opportunity to communicate freely without obstacles or barriers to get in the way.

As it is in life, if you don't want to do something, then you don't do it. Advice is provided for our highest good, but that is where 'free will' plays it's part and we each choose what is right for us.  In the end, we are given that knowledge to use to the best of our abilities and not all knowledge is welcomed and if it isn't wanted, then not to follow is a choice that is freely made.

Yes they will, but be aware, they also have the flexibility to shift their focus from one subject to another especially when they feel something needs to be made known.  The user will know instinctively what they are talking about when that happens.  If it is felt there is importance attached to a particular matter, the subject that is asked about will be pushed aside, and what needs to be known will be provided.  Sometimes what seems simple and insignificant may in fact be the key to other parts of life. If it is important then the information will be provided.

No.  Even though there was a subject in mind at the time of the card's creation, their flexibility ensures their adaptation.  There always needs to be a starting point and it is how they are written is what reaches out to the individual to connect with them on a personal level.  The information required will always sit within that deck. Because there are a larger amount of cards in each deck compared to other decks in the market place, the cards hold the ability to adjust their responses accordingly to fit with what is needed. They are about life and that's what they deal with.

Because we see everyone as an individual, that is how you are treated rather than being seen as one in the same, hence why there is so many decks to choose from.  Our needs may have the same origins but it is how we look at life is what creates our individuality.  That is their beauty and why each person has the opportunity to choose what will cater to their needs.

Because of the way the cards are written, they can cover any subject as they are purely advice and guidance.  The cards use 'this' and 'it' as a reference point to work with,  By using this reference point, it means the cards can cover any subject, such as one card to one person may reflect their job while for someone else it is talking about their love life. If each subject was specifically put on the card then the packs would become too encumbersome to handle and ultimately, impossible to perform their task.  This way it is kept flexible as what matters is the guidance that is received rather than the naming of the subject.  The user knows instinctively what the cards are talking about and that contributes to keeping it simple.

It was known from the beginning that the cards needed to hold flexibility to change and evolve with us.  As we change and grow, they will adapt to our evolving needs. Because they are about us, they will contribute to progressing our lives forward and helping us to grow as people. As they are also about Ascension, they need to have the flexibility to progress us towards spirit's ultimate goal.

Their essence and attachment to Spirit is essential to their ability to work as they do and that is the reason they will always remain hand tailored. It is about the personal touch and keeping the cards being able to connect with us the way they do which is important to providing us with what we need and maintaining the connection with spirit.  
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If a deck is made for a particular subject, is that all it is used for?
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